Abbey Drives treat every customer as an individual, creating a specially designed drive unique to you. This design service is free, offering you a wide choice of block styles, colours and patterns, making your drive a wonderful experience from start to finish. Abbey Drives give total piece of mind, installing a unique sub-base and using only the finest quality products available guaranteed.

We have full Public Liabilities Insurance and follow health and safety guidelines giving you total peace of mind. That’s why people choose Abbey Drives.

All of our installers from the excavation team to the block pavers only know one way to install your drive. This gives you total peace of mind and value for money.

Due to different areas and ground conditions we may be required to excavate deeper due to soft ground etc. In cases like this, Abbey Drives will excavate deeper or install a ground control system. This will be done at no extra cost to you, unlike many companies who charge extra.

Once your paving is complete, you may choose to protect the top surface, using the latest technology to seal the surface of the blocks, giving protection against the elements and other contaminates, such as oil and airborne weeds etc.