presscrete - cobblestone drivewayPresscrete is a term often used throughout the UK for pattern imprinted concrete which is a type of paving used on driveways and patios and also for commercial applications.

Pattern imprinted concrete unlike other forms of paving has been given many names such as:

  • Printed Concrete
  • Pressed Concrete
  • Patterned Concrete
  • Impressed Concrete
  • Presscrete
  • Cobblecrete
  • Paverprint
  • Bestcrete
  • Bosscrete

Many of these names are area specific with names like Presscrete being used primarily in the Derby and Nottingham areas.

What is Presscrete?

There is effectively only one type of imprinted concrete paving but with many names. Presscrete is a driveway and patio paving solution where the driveway is laid with concrete, coloured and then stamped with a pattern of your choosing to create the effect of anything from cobblestones, slate, york stone, block paving, flagstones or pretty much anything else.

The Benefits:

presscrete paving solutions for driveways and patiosNo Weeds – Presscrete is effectively a flat sheet of concrete which eliminates spaces between paving unlike blocks where weeds can build up.  Or Tarmac where roots can find there way in or even up from underneath.

No Stains – Presscrete is resistant to oil and most other stains.

Easy Maintenance –  Jet washing has never been easier because weeds, dirt and moss cannot adhere easily to the surface, a simple jet blast is all you need to restore your imprinted concrete driveway or patio. You drive may need re-sealing once every few years to maintain its peak condition but this is very affordable (ask about our ‘Your Drive’ driveway maintenance service).

No Sinking – Unlike block paving and tarmacadam, pattern imprinted concrete does not sink over time eliminating the number one problem with most paving types.

Lasts a Lifetime – Pattern imprinted concrete if looked after could last a lifetime unlike other paving solutions which will probably need to be replaced after a period of time.

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